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Driver Protect insurance

Dear Fellow British Motorist,

Every year Millions of people are caught on Speed Camera’s in the UK, and thousands of drivers are disqualified from driving completely.

Those drivers are typically decent people who have been a victim of the “totting up” process of points that exists in the UK.

They have never, and are not very likely to ever mow down pedestrians in a drug fuelled speeding frenzy. They were just driving to work…or the gym…or supermarket…or…

But after being banned they can’t take their kids to school, drive to see friends and family or pick their spouse up from the station (ok, maybe that’s a bonus) – but they are basically reliant on other people or public transport to get about. After having owned a car or motorcycle that is a complete nightmare and even worse if the driving penalty was not even your fault.

The Reason 99% Of People Do Not
“Get Off” Their Speeding Fines Like
Some Of Us Do…

The reason they are convicted is because people simply do not know how to defend themselves.

Very wealthy people and celebrities have been defending themselves for years by using lawyers who specialise in Motoring Law.

The problem is that a good driving lawyer is very expensive.

Since starting the Speed Camera Detection companies BTST (stands for “Beat The Speed Trap”) and then later buying our competitor Talex, I have consistently been asked over the years to refer my clients – and drivers just looking for help – to a “good” solicitor.

And what I found during that process was that even “good” solicitors are pretty rubbish at defending Motoring Offence convictions and speeding penalties if they don’t SPECIALISE in that field.

What I found to be true is:

Motoring Offence Solicitor If You Want To
Defend Any Speeding Conviction
Either Now, Or In The Future

I was talking to one of our Motoring Offence Solicitors just the other day about the process of defending a Speeding offence.

I have a newsletter that goes out to over 85,000 British Motorists interested in avoiding speeding fines and I always bang on about how it’s vital to use a *specialist* in motoring law to defend you rather than just a “common law” Solicitor. But I must be honest and say that even I didn’t realise just HOW critical it was before that conversation.

Here’s the essence of it:

“Adam, I’ve seen it happen so many times where the Prosecutor or Legal Advisor (the people in court who advise Magistrates) get the law wrong, but due to the defendants lack of specialist knowledge about Motoring Law they are unable to correct them.

“It happens so often that because the penalties for motoring offences are perceived as being fairly minor – tell that to the poor person whose livelihood is on the line – attention to the detail of the law is not treated as importantly as it should be…

“It’s vitally important that anyone fighting a speeding ticket/prosecution should be familiar with the ‘Laws of Evidence’ and in particular ‘Hearsay Evidence’, but this is such a complex subject that it takes a full year to learn in a university Law degree.”

…By the end of this conversation about speeding tickets, penalties, motoring laws and lawyers I was thinking “hmmmm, maybe I should replace our “top 10 tips” course with the advice “Get A Good Motoring Lawyer!””.

So What’s The Solution?

If you want to be confident that you will never be banned from driving due to speeding then you basically have 2 options:

1)      You could get yourself a good specialist motoring offence Solicitor either now (if you already have an outstanding speeding ticket or speeding penalty) or at the point in the future when you get one. I’m not going to insult your intelligence by going on-and-on about how expensive this is. If you have found us then it’s likely you already know the likes of Nick Freeman reportedly charge £15,000 to £25,000 per case.

You could probably get one cheaper but it’s going to be in the high thousands. If you decide to do this then be sure to ask for the Solicitors success rate specifically in Speeding cases. If it’s less than 75% I would suggest staying away.

2)      You could become a Member of DriveProtect.

So allow me propose to you:

Why Would I Want To
Become A Member Of DriveProtect..?

There are three main reasons:


As a Member, you get unlimited freephone or email access (whichever you prefer) to our Specialist Motoring Offence Solicitors in the event that you are caught on a Fixed or Mobile Speed Camera. The Solicitors will advise you exactly what to do when you receive a speeding ticket or speeding penalty.

    * This part of the service is available if you are ‘flashed’
       in England or Wales due to differing Laws in Scotland


If you do exactly what the Motoring Offence Solicitors advise for your particular case, then your speeding ticket will likely be dropped. However, in the rare circumstance that your case goes to Court (if you’ve been accused of driving drastically over the speed limit, drunk driving or car accident for example), then one of our “superstar” Motoring Offence Solicitors or Barristers will personally represent you at Court.

    * This part of the service is available if you are ‘flashed’
       in England or Wales due to differing Laws in Scotland


In the extremely unlikely event that you are banned from driving then you are covered by our Chauffeur Insurance™ which covers all of your travel expenses up to £1,500 each month, which is enough to hire a Chauffeur if you wish (hence the name), but can also be used to pay for Taxis, trains, or any other method of transport you want to use.

    * This part of the service is available to Members in all parts
      of the UK, including Scotland and Northern Ireland

In A Little More Detail…

As a Member of DriveProtect, if you are caught by a Speed Camera, you’ll get Free and Unlimited access to our specialist Motoring Offence Solicitors.

As soon as you get a speeding ticket from a Fixed or Mobile camera, just call the Members-Only advice line and a specialist Solicitor will advise you exactly what to do.

You can email if you prefer, but most Members prefer to call.

This advice will likely resolve your speeding ticket in under three steps.

In A Little More Detail…

In the very unlikely event that your case goes to court (normally only if it’s unusual in some way, for example if you have been accused of driving drastically over the speed limit, drunk driving or car accident), we’ll arrange for one of our “superstar” Motoring Law Solicitors to represent you.

These are the Motoring Offence Solicitors who always perform really well in court, and not just behind the scenes. We have 3 “superstars” currently, including Matthew Coxall.

We pay all of the Solicitors fees, with just a £100 excess payable by you (assuming that you were a Member BEFORE the date of the alleged offence). You don’t have to pay the fees and then claim them back from us – we pay the Solicitors directly and in full.

(Note: If you join AFTER the date of the alleged offence, there is an excess of £600 including VAT, payable directly to the Solicitors).

In A Little More Detail…

You can get a Personal Chauffer if you are banned, or just use Taxis or other forms of transport.

In the extremely unlikely event that you are banned, you are covered for all your alternative travel costs.

Whether you want a personal Chauffeur, enough for a few Taxi rides each day, or just enough to cover public transport costs, DriveProtect pays for it.

If the worst were to happen and you were banned from driving for speeding, DriveProtect will pay you up to £1500 per month for the duration of your ban for up to 6 months, to cover your alternative travel expenses.

This cover is underwritten by Enterprise Insurance Company PLC and Administered by Linkfield Insurance Logistics.

This £1500 per month will be more than enough to employ a full-time driver while you’re banned if you so wish. You can either have them drive you in your own car, or if you’ve got a taste for it you can get yourself a specialist Chauffeur company to drive you.

If you would prefer to use a professional Chauffeur company to drive you and your Family around, then their rates are typically £120 – £150 per day, depending on where you live, which DriveProtect will cover for you.

Alternatively, we can tell you as a Member how to either get a full-time driver (on call) or a number of part-time drivers for £6.50 per hour anywhere in the UK to drive you around in your own car.

We will also arrange the recruitment and management of your Driver via our DriveProtect Concierge Service. If you are not happy with them for any reason, we’ll just find you a new one. You don’t have to do anything other than informing us of what you want us to do.

Additional Benefits You get Included
In Your DriveProtect Membership:

So as a DriveProtect Member, the main benefits you receive are:

1 the unlimited access to our Specialist Motoring Law Solicitors
2 the Solicitor Cover in the event you have to go to court
3 the Alternative Travel Costs (aka “Chauffeur Insurance”) in the event that you are banned from driving.

…however there are a couple more “additional” benefits that Members receive and if you want to see what they are, you can do so by clicking here.

So as a Member of DriveProtect, you are protected from every angle.

To Summarise…

As a DriveProtect Member;

When you receive a Speeding Ticket you just Call our Specialist Motoring Offence Solicitors on the Member-Only (freephone) Helpline. We will advise you if you can get your ticket overturned without going to Court (see examples of this on the testimonials page!).

In the unlikely event that your case goes to Court (for example, if you have been accused of driving drastically over the speed limit), then one of our “superstar” Solicitors or Barristers will personally represent you.

If the worst were to happen and you were banned, we will pay your travel costs for the full duration of your ban up to 6 months.
It is almost unheard of for speeding offences to result in a ban of more than 6 months unless it involved being over the alcohol limit or driving with no insurance.

Additional benefits that you get as a Member of DriveProtect are:

4) Key Cover – if you lose the keys to your car or house we will arrange for a local locksmith to come out to assist you, and also pay for a hire car for up to 3 days if you are stuck for transport.

5) Like for like replacement vehicle in the event of an accident that’s not your fault.

My *Personal* Guarantee to You

Obviously we don’t really want “tyre kickers” joining DriveProtect and then changing their mind after a few months.

The admin cost involved as well as many up-front costs we have with our Insurance Underwriters mean that there is a lot of cost involved with signing up each new Member. However, on the basis that you are NOT a tyre kicker and that you genuinely want to be a Member of DriveProtect on the basis of the promises made to you on this page then we are happy to make the following pledge to you:

You can trial a months Membership and receive the policy document by becoming a Member from this page.

If you see anything in the policy document that you receive that you don’t like then you can cancel your Membership at any time within one month from inception and receive a full refund.

Of course you won’t see anything you don’t like, but if you did and you want to cancel, we will write off the up-front costs and any fees taken will be refunded.

NOTE: If you would like to view this guarantee in a pop-up window that you can print
out for your records, plus the terms of the guarantee (don’t worry, no small
print!), click here.

How to become a Member
of DriveProtect Today:

Simply click the “Become-A-Member” button below and you will then be taken to a page where you can select which level of Membership you wish to have.

Please have your bank statement or cheque book to hand so that you are able to set up the Direct Debit. Direct Debit is both the most efficient way to make sure that your Membership is kept up to date (so that you are fully covered at all times, no matter what) and is also the most regulated (and therefore safest) way for you as you are covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee.

To become a Member, just click the button below:

All the best, and I am looking forward to welcoming you as a Member of DriveProtect!


Adam Blair
Managing Director, DriveProtect

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