7 of the Weirdest Things You Can Insure

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By Crispin Bateman
Updated on Friday 4 March 2022

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Not all insurance is about house contents, or covering for a funeral. In fact, though car insurance is the most frequently purchased insurance, getting your toenail clippings cover is a strong second.*

Here are seven of the strangest things that have been insured for

Change of Heart / Cold Feet

Whether you’ve been married or not, everyone knows how a wedding day can come with substantial costs. It’s traditional to try to pass these costs on to the father of the bride – definitely recommended!

But what happens if you’re all ready to get married and one of you suddenly decides to back out. The pressure could just be too much and the expectation too high.

Or he could realise he really fancies your sister – that’s never going to work!

Whatever the reason, walking away at the last minute is going to put someone significantly out of pocket - until Change of Heart insurance, or Cold Feet insurance.

Yup, the sensible father-of-the-bride can take out a policy – especially if he knows all about his daughter’s indiscretions..

Chest Hair

Body parts are not an unreasonable thing to seek cover for. Singers have been known to get insurance out on their vocal chords, athletes take out a policy on their limbs and those in the adult film industry get cover for the parts other people cover in different ways...

But of all the body part insurance stories, surely one of the best has to be Tom Jones, the famous Welsh crooner who apparently had a million pounds worth of insurance on his chest hair.

Sir, we bow down to your brilliance!

Hijack Insurance

It’s essential to have travel insurance in case you become sick abroad, or if anything happens to your flights.

But did you know you can get insured against being hijacked?! It’s not even a rare addition on the travel insurance and comes as standard in some places.

From the lowly compensation for lost time (you know, while you are flying around the world to release prisoners, rather than getting to the beach), to full on cover taking into account lost valuables and psychological anguish, hijack cover is there for you.

Don’t leave home without it.

Ransom Insurance

On a similar vein, what do you do when your beloved child is abducted and a letter appears on the doorstep made from cuttings taken from The Independent?

That’s right – just pay the people and let your insurance company handle the financial hit!

Ransom insurance might not be something we think about in our day-to-day lives but one day it could save a life (or, in the very least, prevent a finger being severed for ‘proof’. Ouch!).

Just remember to involve the police, or the insurance company won’t pay out – even if the note does say that doing so is a big no-no.

Alien Abduction

While I’m personally not quite sure what use money is while you are being probed for your genetic code, there’s no doubt that if you do ever return to Earth, you’ll be happier with a million quid in the bank.

Alien abduction is a very serious business, I’m pretty sure, and so it only makes sense to take out an insurance policy against it happening to you!

Of course, you are going to have to prove to the insurance company that it was a real abduction, and not just someone creeping around outside your house with a torch. That might be a little harder than you think, and is probably the reason they are more than happy to insure you…


No, not in case you are attacked by giant ones (although I’m pretty sure that’s out there too), but pet ones! Yup, while getting pet insurance to cover your cat or guinea pig is the norm, it’s also available for pet spiders.

Unfortunately, you can’t get cover for ‘pet’ spiders that have just found their way into your home through usual methods – no matter how much your five-year-old insists that they are their very favourite pet and she’s going to cry for a week if they are gone!

Spider insurance is for those tarantulas you keep in a tank and feed locusts to. Yummy.

Extra bonus points if your spider is blue.

Zombie Apocalypse Insurance

Finally, my personal favourite: insurance against the incoming zombie apocalypse.

No doubt there are a few flaws with this one, here are my top three:

  • Will the insurance company still exist to pay out?
  • Will you be able to contact them while running from the undead?
  • Will money even be useful in a world where we’re all breaking into local Premier stores to find tins of beans while wielding shotguns?

But if you can answer those questions with an emphatic yes, this insurance is definitely for you. Don’t resign yourself to the position of post-apocalyptic struggling runner - instead live like the king of Zombieworld.

I’m sure you’ll find lots of cool stuff to buy!

*definitely a lie, no one insures their toenail clippings.

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