6 Ways To Say Goodbye to Bad Credit

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By Crispin Bateman
Updated on Wednesday 6 September 2023


Bad credit and financial difficulties can become dominating through your life as every day becomes a focused struggle where worrying about money seems to be all you can do.

Whether you are on a low income, struggling to pay for meals and support a family, or an outwardly successful entrepreneur hiding financial problems from employees and family alike, the crushing despair that can come with a run of bad credit can be debilitating.

Thankfully, its very likely that this period of struggling is temporary – or can be given some sensible decisions. Here are 6 tips to help you through that period of trouble.

  • Relax, Money isn’t Everything

    It’s the kind of thing you hear from people who have money and are able to relax and can be incredibly annoying, but it is true. Money worries, like so many other woes, are often made easier given some perspective. Take some time out and do something relaxing (and free), whether that’s to go for a walk, watch some TV, spend time with the kids or curl up with a good book.

    Spending a short time away from your worries can give you the perspective needed to face it head-on a little later.

  • Write it Down

    It is incredible how much it can help to see everything written down on paper. Even though the human brain is a fantastic organ, capable of the most impressive calculations, a troubled mind cannot possibly be expected to remain calm and logical in the face of credit worries.

    Looking at it logically when all laid out in front of you will help you see the solutions – if there’s too much going out in a month, work out where you can cut back; if too much goes out in a single week, then see if you can move some bills or payments to a different date; if there’s an influx of cash needed, then understand exactly how much that is.

  • Research Options

    Even if you have bad credit, it may be possible to get a loan. Perhaps you need the help of a guarantor or can find a loan company that will help with getting a loan with bad credit.

    Here at Compare UK Quotes, we have a team of specialists able to help and an array of articles with advice – you’ve come to the right place, but it doesn’t stop here, as there’s plenty more to learn.

  • Prioritise the Right Things

    It may be that you believe everything is needed, but it is surprising how much we regularly pay for things that can be cut back on - perhaps a cheaper mobile phone contract, or dropping a gym subscription that’s never used. Determine the things that are really important in your life – paying the mortgage, getting to work, and feeding the kids, and let some of the other stuff take a back burner for a while until you are out of the hole.

  • Ask for Help

    Suffering in silence is a very bad idea, and there are plenty of people out there who can help. Whether it’s contacting a free debt advice service, or simply a long chat with your dad, it all helps to lift the burden off your shoulders. It doesn’t even need to be a direct request for money (although that can often help) – just having someone to discuss with can lead you to solutions you never considered.

  • Remember it is Temporary

    Bad credit comes and goes; life changes. What seems important one day will become irrelevant the next and what struggles you are going through today will soon be done.

    With a decent plan and positive attitude, it is simple to turn bad credit ratings into reasonable ones and, eventually, to good. Those things that seem so out of reach today are just a few planning steps away.

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