Parents Are Choosing Luxuries Over Their Children’s Futures

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By Crispin Bateman
Updated on Tuesday 22 October 2019

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Putting your children’s futures at risk for entertainment

Life insurance. It’s not a topic that typically reaches out and grabs you, and as such, it is often left on the sideline – one of those ‘I’ll deal with it later’ issues that gets forgotten when you sit down in the evening, in front of the TV and the next exciting episode of a Netflix Original Drama.

Many people believe the myth that life insurance policies are expensive. They think that in order to leave any sort of substantial financial legacy for their children, they will need to dedicate hundreds of pounds every month, but the truth is that life cover can be put in place for amounts that are often lower than that Netflix subscription.

What would you rather have – the immediate gratification of more streamed entertainment, or a financial solution in place to protect your family from potential destitution?

Honestly, though, you can probably afford both!

At Compare UK Quotes, we are not suggesting for a moment that there is anything wrong with spending a few pounds a month on exciting entertainment, but while the subscription culture in which we live continues to push more and more options onto us, to the point where it’s a full-time job just keeping up with it all, important things like investing for your children’s future get pushed aside and forgotten.

Family life insurance in the UK

One of the problems, of course, is that we have become used to the luxury of instant gratification and life insurance is anything but instantly gratifying! A long-term financial security, life insurance seems to offer nothing right now, yet it gives you a peace of mind that can lead to more contented sleep, a more relaxed working day and ultimately a greater enjoyment in other things.

Life insurance for the whole family means that if either you or your partner has a terrible accident, the survivor can move on with life without worrying about where they are going to find the money to cover the mortgage, the kids’ education or even just providing the staples like food and clothing. Losing a breadwinner has a devastating aftermath on the finances to a family - something that lies outside of the significant emotional impact.

Getting a life insurance quote with Quick Quote Life – cheap life insurance for the family

At Compare UK Quotes we scour the internet and every other source to find you the best financial deals. Top broker Quick Quote Life have impressed us with their array of options, specialised advice and low-cost quotes covering the top providers in the UK. Why not give them a call to find out the best way to protect your child’s future?

They can answer any questions you have, from detailing the best life insurance for a family to explaining the finer nuances of critical illness cover and other packages to best provide security for your loved ones.

How much does life insurance cost?

That’s the big question of course – remember those streaming services? Life insurance quotes often come in on a similar level, with some as small as £6 per month for an impressive level of cover. Life insurance premiums are based on a number of factors, but your age and health are the greatest considerations and for this reason, it’s best to get life insurance for the whole family as soon as you can.

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