The Best Breakdown Cover Providers in the UK

A review of the top 5 breakdown insurance companies.

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By Cai Bradley
Updated on Friday 4 December 2020

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Breakdown cover provides its policyholders with an added level of peace of mind in knowing that they will be covered if their vehicle breaks down at home or during a journey, but what type of service you get depends a lot on which provider you choose.

To make sure that you choose the best car breakdown cover company for your personal preferences, we review the top five providers in the UK and explain what type of policy you might need.

In this guide:

A list of the best breakdown cover providers

The best breakdown cover companies in the UK include:

  1. Liberty Cover
  2. Rescuemycar
  3. RAC
  4. AA
  5. Green Flag

Read on to find our full reviews of each provider.

Breakdown cover explained: The basics

Breakdown cover (also known as breakdown and recovery) is a type of insurance policy that is taken out alongside standard car insurance to cover you if your vehicle breaks down. It can be bought as a standalone policy or as an add-on to your regular car insurance.

Breakdown insurance can be particularly useful if your car lets you down – perhaps with a flat tyre or a dead battery – as it ensures that you won’t be left stuck on the side of the road without a way of repairing your vehicle or getting to where you need to go.

Generally speaking, the best car breakdown services will tow your vehicle to your home or to somewhere it can be fixed if they cannot repair it roadside themselves.

What is included in a breakdown insurance policy?

The best breakdown cover policies will cover:

  • Roadside assistance

  • Local and national cover

  • At-home breakdown

  • Vehicle recovery

  • Onward travel

Types of breakdown cover

There are a few different types or variations of breakdown cover, including personal cover and vehicle cover.

Personal cover: covers you if you are a driver OR passenger in any vehicle (subject to terms).

Vehicle cover: covers the vehicle(s) registered regardless of who is in them.

Look for the best roadside assistance

Roadside assistance is one of the most important parts of a breakdown cover policy, as the priority of the provider should be to fix the issue on the side of the road to let you continue your journey as quickly and as stress-free as possible.

If the mechanic sent out is not able to repair your car roadside, the next step usually depends on what level of cover you have taken out.

Your vehicle will usually be taken to a local garage, or a garage of your choice anywhere in the country.

Car breakdown cover reviews

Here, we provide you with a breakdown cover comparison of the top five providers in the UK, reviewing each one individually.

1. Liberty Cover

Liberty Cover Logo

Liberty Cover is an online provider of cheap breakdown cover, with policies starting from just £26.99 per year.

Liberty Cover keeps things simple, with three plans to choose from: Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Its most premium plan, Gold breakdown cover, includes:

  • EU roadside assistance
  • EU national recovery
  • EU trailer cover
  • No excess if you make a claim
  • Just one payment (no recurring fees)
  • Home assist
  • EU alternative travel
  • EU overnight accommodation

2. Rescuemycar

RescueMyCar Logo

Rescuemycar provides a quick and easy way of getting quotes for both vehicle breakdown cover and personal breakdown cover.

Impressively, all you have to do to receive a quote is enter your vehicle’s registration number. You are then immediately given a quote, but can amend the policy to include or exclude certain features (such as European recovery, key cover, and so on) and choose your excess.

Rescuemycar is unsurprisingly one of the UK’s fastest growing breakdown specialists, and with prices being provided so quickly, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t compare quotes here before committing to a policy.

3. RAC

RAC Logo

RAC breakdown cover provides its policyholders with at-home and roadside rescue as standard with all policies.

It is a well-known and established breakdown cover company, and claims to fix four out of five cars at roadside.

Usefully, RAC also offers a free 20-point vehicle health check to new customers, helping them avoid a breakdown in the near future.

Standard RAC cover starts from £90 per year (or £9 monthly), and its premium policy, ‘Unlimited’, is priced at £140 per year (or £14 monthly).

4. The AA

AA Logo

Along with RAC, the AA is also one of the most well-renowned breakdown cover specialists in the UK.

Its policies start from just £6 per month – which is cheaper than RAC’s standard cover – and its website states that it fixes eight out of ten vehicles at the roadside.

The AA has more mobile mechanics than any other breakdown service in the UK, and its members rate the service as 4.2/5.

5. Green Flag

Green Flag Logo

Green Flag provides car breakdown cover across the UK and Europe, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Again, personal cover and vehicle cover are both available, depending on your preferences, and you are able to ‘build your cover’ online to determine which of their packages would best suit you.

It can, according to its website, save you 50% on your AA or RAC renewal quote, so it’s certainly a provider worth taking a look at.

Note: You can save up to 40% on quotes given over the phone if you purchase cover online.

Verdict: Which breakdown cover is best in the UK?

So, our top five best breakdown cover providers in the UK are Liberty Cover, Rescuemycar, RAC, the AA, and Green Flag.

When taking out a policy, remember that cost isn’t the be-all and end-all. Cheap breakdown cover isn’t all you should be looking for; you need to make sure that your policy has all the relevant eventualities covered.

Ideally, you should find breakdown cover that is affordable and provides you with an adequate level of cover for your personal situation.

Breakdown insurance can help get you out of a very tricky situation if ever your vehicle is broken down, whether it’s at home or on the motorway.

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