What is Green/Eco Car Insurance?

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By Chloe Dickenson
Updated on Thursday 9 March 2023

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We all know that we need to do better for our planet by recycling more, using less plastic and reducing our fast fashion purchases. But what about going green when it comes to your vehicle and the insurance you purchase for it?

Green” cars are becoming more and more common in the UK and they’re a great way to have the same driving abilities while doing less damage to the planet. If you want to know more about green cars and how to go about insuring an eco-friendly car, take a look at our guide below.

What are green cars UK?

Green cars, or eco-friendly cars, are vehicles that produce little to no emissions when driving them or they use a sustainable type of fuel.

Unlike petrol or diesel cars, green cars don’t emit pollution and instead, they run on things like electric batteries, biofuels or hydrogen. While some eco cars aren’t 100% emission-free, they are usually much better for the environment than petrol or diesel vehicles. 

Types of eco-friendly car

There are numerous different types of eco-friendly cars that are available in the UK and in many other countries around the world. Take a look at the list below to see the different types of green cars so you know what to look for when it comes to insuring the right one.

  • Electric cars use an electric battery to power their engine and they’re almost always silent which means they’re not only better for the environment, but they’re also more pleasant to the ears! They must be plugged in to recharge their battery and most electric cars can drive hundreds of miles before they need to be charged again.
  • Hybrid cars use a regular combustion engine as well as a battery-powered engine to run. While they’re not 100% emission-free due to using a combustion engine as well as a battery, they are better for the environment than regular petrol or diesel vehicles.
  • Hydrogen vehicles work by putting hydrogen into a car’s fuel tank which is then used to power the car. They’re not particularly very common in the UK right now but they only emit water as a waste product so they should eventually gain more popularity.
  • Biofuel cars use fuel that’s been made from plants and often old cooking oil to power their engine, alongside a little bit of petrol or diesel to ensure they run properly. These types of cars are currently most commonly used for agricultural vehicles such as tractors and commercial vehicles such as buses.
  • LPG cars run on Liquid Petroleum Gas and while they’re not the best kind of eco-friendly car, they do produce fewer and less harmful emissions than their petrol or diesel counterparts. They are also often cheaper to run.

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What is green car insurance?

Green car insurance is simply getting an insurance policy for your eco-friendly car. Alternatively, if you drive a regular car that uses petrol or diesel, you can still opt for a green car insurance policy by choosing an insurance provider who is doing their bit for the environment in some way.

When it comes to insuring a green car, you need to consider several factors that are standard when looking for a regular car insurance policy, such as the type of eco-friendly car you drive and your driving history as well as numerous others. 

When finding a green car insurance policy, you should also consider factors such as:

  • Does the policy include recovery and roadside assistance if you run out of charge while driving in the UK?
  • Does it come with battery cover for accidental damage, fire or theft?
  • Does the policy include cover for the charging cables and plug-in wall boxes that you use to charge your vehicle?

It’s important to consider these kinds of factors when taking out green car insurance for an eco-friendly car to ensure that you’re covered for most eventualities.

Alternatively, if you don’t drive an eco-friendly car but you want to go down the green car insurance route, you should consider things like:

  • Does the insurance provider offer things to offset the emissions produced by regular cars such as planting trees whenever someone takes out a policy?
  • Do they use a garage that is heavily focused on recycling car parts in order to produce less waste?
  • Can you opt for black box insurance which will help you to make more conscious decisions while driving, which will also save you money?

How much does eco car insurance cost?

Opting for eco-car insurance doesn’t automatically mean that your policy will be much cheaper than if you chose a regular car insurance policy, but it is usually a good choice for saving money on car insurance.

Some insurance providers such as Admiral and Tesco offer discounts and incentives if you choose an insurance policy for an alternative fuel vehicle (AFV), so you could certainly be saving money this way.

Just like with any type of insurance you take out, it’s important to remember to compare quotes from different green car insurance providers to ensure you get the best deal on your policy.

You won’t automatically qualify for cheaper car insurance just because you’re opting for a green car policy, but if you drive an eco-friendly car that’s not quite as powerful, you could save money on the cost of your insurance.

How can I be more eco-friendly if I drive a regular car?

There are several ways to help the environment and make more conscious “green” choices even if you drive a regular car.

  • Drive with less weight in the car - fewer passengers, less stuff in your boot and only filling your gas tank up as and when you need it.
  • Consider car sharing with friends or colleagues so there are fewer vehicles on the road.
  • Opt for a smaller car if possible - bigger cars produce way more emissions so consider a smaller vehicle if your lifestyle allows it to save you money and to produce fewer emissions.

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