Black Box Car Insurance Can Save You Hundreds

Black Box Car Insurance for Young Drivers

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By Crispin Bateman

Updated on Thursday 26 September 2019

So you’ve done it – you’ve passed your driving test and just the ability to zip to the supermarket is exhilarating.

But now there’s the matter of insurance

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Insurance premiums are substantial and can often feel unfair.

But Insurance is a business and insurance companies know more about risk analysis than most of us will ever understand. As a new driver, fresh out of the test centre and with zero solo miles on the clock, you are the greatest risk they are going to take. 

On the first pass, you will probably find it difficult to find car insurance for young drivers under £1000.

The key is to prove you are as good as you know you are. Careful driver? Tick. Understand the rules of the road? Tick. Not going to speed? Tick. Definitely not going to crash? Double tick.

Well, hopefully.

This is where telematics comes in. Telematics means “the long distance transmission of computerised information” – or, simply put, you sending complete driving data to the insurance company. Think of it as having someone from the insurance company sitting in your passenger seat whenever you get in the car, getting to see how good you are, and reporting that back to their bosses.

If you are as good as you think, they’re going to start trusting you – and when they trust you, that argument for cheaper insurance goes a long way.

It’s a money-where-your-mouth-is moment – because just as your premiums will drop if you show yourself to be a mature considerate driver, so too will they increase if you display the behaviour they are worried about.

Of course, that’s not going to happen.

The Black Box

Once you go down the road of telematics-based insurance, you get a device fitted to your car (the ‘black box’) which sends GPS data to the insurers whenever you are out on the road. Some companies don’t even need the box itself and are willing to track you with just a phone app.

This is why it’s often called “black box car insurance” – even if you don’t have the actual black box and are using a mobile app.

The insurance company will know where and when you are driving and will use information such as your speed, the way you brake, and your acceleration to build an accurate picture of your driving habits.

Driving sensibly can save you an absolute fortune on insurance, with black box car insurance in the UK saving an average of £200 a year for people 17 to 20.

All you have to do is drive with respect and skill.

RAC Black Box Car Insurance

The RAC offer a great policy when it comes to telematics. Their black box car insurance includes all the benefits of their award winning car insurance whilst also receiving one year of free breakdown cover.

With the RAC you can get up to 65% of with 9 years of no claims bonus. Thier nsurance Plus offers can’t be found on price comparison sites so you need to go direct to their website where they offer a 10% discount to existing RAC members.

RAC insurance has recieved a five star rating from Defaqto, so if you are thinking of getting black box car insurance then click here.

Big Brother is Watching You!

There’s a tendency to stand up and fight the idea of ‘big brother’. In this data-driven information-gathering age, it is somewhat fashionable to act in defiance of your data being utilised by ‘the man’.

Thing is – no one is forcing you to share your data. This isn’t a case of fascist-state surveillance; this is merely you wanting to prove your safe driving skills with the insurance company. You are approaching them with a desire to prove your trustworthiness, and you can’t do that if you are not going to let them watch you drive!

It’s your choice – do you want the discount on your insurance?

There Must Be Another Way!

And there is. Ultimately, the insurance company wants to trust you – they really would far rather you were a reliable customer than a huge risk. Other schemes do exist to help prove your trustworthiness:

  • Pass Plus

    This government-endorsed scheme is an extra six hours of advanced driving experience that is assessed and certified. While not all insurers will take a pass plus certificate into account, many will and will lower your premium accordingly. Our advisors can help you choose the right insurers if you get a Pass Plus certificate.

  • No-Claims Discount

    This is the standard way to lower your insurance premium. For every year that you drive without needing to claim on your insurance, the no-claims discount goes up, and it soon makes a major impact on your policy price. Of course, it takes time to build up a solid No-Claims Discount, so this is no small undertaking.

Is That It?

Pretty much so, yes. That’s why going with telematics might be your only realistic option to drag down the price. Let’s take a quick look at black box car insurance pros and cons:

Black Box Car Insurance Pros and Cons



  • Lower insurance premiums

    This is obviously the main reason to get a telematics device.

  • Will make you a better driver

    There’s little doubt that continuously trying to drive with care to prove your skills will inevitably improve those skills. Practicing careful driving will help to produce a mature driver.

  • Lots of statistics to enjoy and analyse (using phone app)

    That data is there for you to track and analyse yourself though a mobile app should you want to. Not only is it informative but it can provide the motivation to improve.

  • Puts a tracker in your car should it be stolen!

    There’s a hard-to-remove GPS tracker attached to your car – thieves are not going to like that. You can report a theft and inform the police of the tracker for them to use.

  • Accident alert

    Some of the telematics providers also offer additional safety benefits such as accident alert – where they become aware of a collision through the black box data and can provide appropriate assistance.

  • Your collected data

    Honestly, if you are someone who is uncomfortable with having your data known by the insurance company, a black box car insurance policy is probably not for you.

  • Mileage counter

    All insurance policies, black box or not, are tied to a set amount of mileage. The only difference with a telematics policy is that the insurer will absolutely know if you go over your yearly mileage quota. If you believe this is about to happen, contact your insurer rather than blithely going on into potential fees.

  • Selling your car

    If you do have a black box installed on your car, you must remember to call your insurance provider to have it removed before selling your car on.

It's clear that the pros far outweigh the cons, so put your money where your mouth is, and get a telematics device fitted to your car – it’ll give you and your family peace of mind and give you that vital way to prove to a prospective insurance company that having you as a customer is all positive.

For more helpful information on insurance, money-saving or anything related, check out our other articles. We use our wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry to provide the best advice possible!

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