How to Get Car Insurance for Over 70s

A simple guide to cheap car insurance for elderly drivers

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By Cai Bradley
Updated on Friday 5 June 2020

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As a driver aged 70 or over, you will undoubtedly have many years of experience and – if you’ve been careful – a useful no claims bonus, which is why car insurance for over 70s is up there with the cheapest cover on the market today.

You may have gathered that more experienced drivers are often offered cheaper car insurance than most other age groups, but you could cut the cost of your cover even further by following the quick money-saving tips in this article.

Here’s a brief guide to car insurance for the over 70s, where to find the best policy for you, and how to reduce the cost of the premiums you pay.

How is car insurance for over 70s cheaper than other age categories?

Providers take a variety of factors into consideration when they calculate car insurance costs, including:

  • Age of the driver

  • How long they have held their licence for

  • Make and model of the vehicle

  • Level of cover required

  • Previous claims or driving convictions

As a rule of thumb, the older and more experienced you are, the cheaper your car insurance will be; which is why elderly drivers’ premiums are among the lowest. On the other end of the spectrum, insurance providers see 17 to 25 year olds as the highest risk age category to insure.

Some might question whether it’s unfair towards young people or even discriminatory, but insurers base all of their prices on industry statistics and figures, which makes them hard to argue with. 

No claims bonus

A no claims bonus (NCB) – or no claims discount – can be a massive help, and because you’ve been driving for so long at 70, it’s likely to knock a significant amount off the overall cost of your cover.

Even without a good NCB, drivers over 70 are usually offered far cheaper premiums than young drivers, simply because of their extensive driving experience.

Cheap car insurance for over 70s

You’re over 70 and you already get pretty cheap car insurance, but there are still some tips you can follow to save even more money!

Ways to get cheaper car insurance include:

Those are just some of the tips that could help you get cheaper car insurance; for more, head over to our full guide on reducing the cost of your cover.

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Car insurance with medical conditions

Although car insurance is, on average, cheaper for elderly drivers – there are also some occasions where a driver’s age can have a negative impact on their insurance cost.

Unfortunately, elderly people are typically at a greater risk of being diagnosed with medical conditions, such as diabetes and strokes, which could lead to higher premiums or even a refusal of cover.

If you are diagnosed with any of the following medical conditions, it’s required that you notify your insurer as soon as possible:

  • Dementia or Alzheimer’s

  • Diabetes

  • Eyesight conditions

  • Syncope (frequent fainting)

  • Heart conditions

  • Epilepsy

  • Strokes

There are no ‘over 70 driving licence restrictions’; you do have to renew your licence every three years when you reach that age, but there is no formal re-testing requirement, contrary to popular belief.

What if you're over 80? See our guide to car insurance for over 80s for more information. 

Best car insurance for over 70s

If you are looking for the best car insurance providers for over 70s cover, the best place to start is a trusted, reliable comparison site like or Go Compare. It’s important that you shop around, but these two sites will do a lot of the work for you.

For the best value car insurance for over 70s, simply tap the link below to get your quote today!

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